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Offshore Fabrication


Offshore Fabrication

As the offshore industry continuously evolves, and gradually shifts towards the deepwater sector, projects increase in size and complexity. The synergies within Beyond Energy Resources can offer a variety of complex offshore projects.Ranging from Design, fabrication, installation, transportation and removal of all types of offshore fixed and floating facilities, complex subsea infrastructures and deepwater pipelines.

Beyond Energy aims towards employing state-of-the-art equipment, including deepwater construction vessels and dedicated crane vessels, with lifting capacities of 8,000t to 14,000t. We focus on the development and execution of environmentally-safe methods for the decommissioning of offshore structures mainly for the oil and gas offshore industry.

LNG Carrier Repairs, Refurbishment And Life Extension- With over 132 Nigerian Liquefied Natural Gas Vessels due for dry docking and the Local content initiative employed by the Nigerian government to foster economic growth and foreign partnership, opportunities for small- medium scale businesses in the area of LNG dry dock repairs are enormous and has attracted many foreign companies to enter into partnerships with indigenous companies. We provide facilities for LNG Carrier Lifecycle Maintenance on well-planned and executed repair, maintenance and refurbishment programmes to enable safe and efficient ship